Thursday, May 28, 2015

Review Blitz - The Muse Keeper by Janey Rosen


Freya is not the girls name, she is Betty

The man who calls her Freya-the giant of a man named Thane-is the man who took her. Before she was taken, Betty dwelled only on the shame of her past. She supposed that life could not get any worse, that she had experienced all the pain it was possible to feel and still breathe. She was 19 years old and a street girl. Streetwise. Or so she thought...then she was taken and now she knows what true pain is. What she doesn't know is why she craves it, and in the end if it will destroy her.

Fear, depravity, reverence and love- all these precious gifts will be bestowed on the one he calls Freya. So powerful is Thane that each flower he has plucked may blossom or wilt under his control. Each chosen one was selected for a purpose and taken to his compound where he may use them at his will but the most precious jewel of them all is Freya. This one is special. This one he must try not to crush.   

Nikki's 5 Star Review

Freya is book 1 in Janey Rosen's new novella series, The Muse Keeper. Its a short read but draws ypu in straight away.
Betty or Freya as she will soon become known is down on her luck and working the streets.
Thane has been watching and wanting her for weeks and has now decided the time is right to take her and make her his. This is definetly not your typical romantic love story it's dark and will leave you desperate for more.


Sing little bird, sing a song of suffering.....

He loved her enough to lock her up- what kind of love was this?

Taken, stripped of her freewill and utterly deflowered by the man called Thane. He was her captor, a beast, all kinds of crazy...and completely unpredictable. He was the most dangerouse breed of man that Betty could have the misfortune of falling slave to. There was no hope for Betty, it was just a matter of time before Thane destroyed her...or would he? Could it be that her life was about to again take a monumental turn?

Thane didn't deny that he was insane, he'd been told this from a young enough age to know that madness was inherent within him. The only light in a world of darkness shone from his muses; Luna, Boy, Syn and now Freya, who used to be Betty until he took her. Been misunderstood and feared was a burden that he bore-a price to be paid in exchange for his love of Freya; he'd tolerate almost anything except ever been parted from her. All that remained to do was test her one more time....    

Nikki's 5 Star Review

Book 2 in The Muse Keeper Series was amazing. Again its a short novella but definitely packs a punch with so much to reel you in you wont want to put it down till the end. Freya desperately wants to escape from Thane's clutch's but Thane thinks that Freya will fall in love with him and never want to leave, will either of them get what they really want?
Again this book deals with the darker issues and is intended strictly for readers over the age of 18.

***Please note these are bite sized chunks of twisted naughtiness. They are not full lenght novels and they will end in a cliff hanger. Parts 1,2 and 3 will rock you and shock you***

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