Friday, May 8, 2015

Review Blitz - Hope House by Diana Wojdacz (Book 1)

When my best friend Maddie and I were in the third grade she told me a secret that changed the course of both of our lives forever.
“Sage, I don’t want to go home!” Maddie told me.
“But your mom called and said they were waiting for you? So you have to go.” I told her wondering why she was so anxious.
“But he’s there!”
“Who’s there?” I asked her.
“Uncle Bob! I don’t like him he’s creepy.”
“What do you mean creepy?”
“He makes me do things I don’t want to.” she told me.
“What does he make you do?” I asked her innocently.
“He makes me take my clothes off, and then he makes me touch him. It’s really icky!” “Maddie that’s wrong! We need to tell your mom now.” I told her taking her hand.
“We can’t. He said he’d hurt my mom and dad, and then take me away forever.”
I wasn’t quite sure what to do so I took Maddie and we went to talk with my mom. “Mom, Maddie told me something really bad, but she’s scared to tell her mom.”
“What did she tell you Sage?” my mother asked me concerned.
“She told me her Uncle Bob makes her take her clothes off and touch him. I know that’s wrong for him to do, but he told her he would hurt her mom and dad. He also told her he’d take her away forever. Can you call her mom and tell her she’s going to stay here with me?”
From that day forward, Maddie’s and my life changed. I held her hand the entire way. Through every investigation, and every court case. We are not just best friends but we are sisters for life. I found my life’s career from this experience and Maddie found hers also. Together we graduated from the University of Virginia. Maddie with a Degree in Nursing and me with a Degree in Social Work.

Nikki's 4 Star Review
This is the debut book from new author Diana Wojdacz and it was a great read. Her character's pull you in from the beginning as you meet Seth, Sage and the ten handsome young boys they care for at Hope House. It's a beautiful story of love at first sight with some hot scenes aswell, it will also have you laughing and crying as you go on this emotional journey of love. I'm excited to see where this series goes as Diana also introduces us to some strong secondary characters in this book too.

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