Thursday, May 7, 2015

Review Blitz - Leaving His Mark by T.A McKay

Gabe Ryan had a childhood that no one would want, one you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, but he leaves it all behind to find the one thing he has never had.
A home.
He now has everything he wants, his dream job, a house that is his own and great friends. What he still hasn't found is a home, the one place his heart can be safe.
When history starts to repeat itself will he be able to stop all the pain and anger resurfacing, or will he do something he might regret forever?

Rhys Alexander never thought her life would end up like this. She had a simple dream, to fall in love and be happy, living in fear everyday was never part of that dream. Can she break fro the life that is slowly killing her, or will she be forever trapped and wishing for it to end?

To have the future together that they both desire, Rhys will need to realise that not all men are out to hurt her, that she can't judge every man by her ex's behaviour.
That just maybe Gabe will never hurt her even though he will end up.......Leaving His Mark

Nikk's 5 Star Review

WOW!!! A fantastic read from T.A McKay. I absolutely adore Gabe and Rhys. Both these characters have troubled souls. Gabe had a violent upbringing at the hands of his farther and Rhys lived her school years in fear from violent bullies, their pasts are something that stay with them everyday leaving them both feeling they are unable to form loving relationships with anyone.
Gabe is now running his own business as a tattooist and Rhys is his receptionist are they what each other needs to finally learn how to love or is their past going to stand in their way?
This book completely drew me in and i found it hard to put down its hot and sexy but also deals with with some darker issues and has definitely left me desperately awaiting book 2 Leaving Her Mark to see what happens next in Gabe and Rhys's story.

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