Monday, August 15, 2016

Release Blitz - Give Me This by Anna Brooks

This second chance love story with a hot single dad will have you swooning!

*Can be read as a standalone.* 

One truth can explain everything.

Declan Kelly has spent his entire adult life saving people, all the while avoiding any real connections or emotions. He’s already been destroyed once, and after she ruined him, he knows he’ll never love again.

Almost two decades later, Declan moves back home to raise his daughter around his family. He tried to prepare himself for how he would react when he saw Amie, but could never have anticipated just how hard it would be to remain unaffected.

Amie Dotson knew from the moment she lied that Dec wouldn’t forgive her… but she didn’t want him to. Lying was easier than the truth because he would have stayed for her, and she didn’t want him to miss out on his dreams because of her.

Harboring more than one secret, Amie tries to avoid Declan when she discovers he’s back in 
town, but when he sees the evidence marring her body, she knows he’ll do whatever it takes to remove the fear from her eyes. 

When the truth is revealed, can two people finally find the happiness they lost but never forgot?

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Nikki's 4 Star Review
This is my first read by Anna Brookes and I really enjoyed it. Although it is part of a series it can be read as a standalone. The story line is a little fast paced in places the flow is really good and i really enjoyed getting to know the characters.
Declan and Amie were together in high school they were everything to each other but then something happened and Amie forced Declan to walk away. Seventeen years later Declan returns to his hometown as a single dad to raise his daughter around his family. Declan and Amie have never stopped loving each other that much is obvious as soon as they set eyes on each other again but things are complicated, Amie is in trouble, can Declan save her and can her forgive her for breaking his heart all those years ago? A beautiful story of second chance love and I will definitely be going back and reading the other books in this series. 

Where’s Clover?” God, just saying her name makes my throat tight.
                “With my mom and dad for a little bit.”
                “Oh.” I pick up my stuff that he set on the kitchen floor, but he shakes his head and takes it from me.
                “Stop. You’re not bolting out of here.”
                I huff and cross my arms. “What do you want, Declan?”
Why are you with Larry?”
                “There isn’t a reason.”
                “Why did you name your daughter Clover?” I throw a question back at him.
                “Don’t try to change the subject.”
                “Don’t try to psychoanalyze me.”
                “You know Larry’s a prick, and you’re too strong to let him put his hands on you.” Declan leans against the wall and raises an eyebrow at me. “So tell me, Amie. What the fuck?”
                “I don’t owe you any explanations.”
                “I think that’s the least you owe me, don’t you?”
I look around the room and avoid his eyes on me, shaking my head. “It was a long time ago, Declan,” I whisper. “I’ll go to my parents, and you can forget you ever saw me again.”
                “You’re not leaving.”
                I don’t understand. He hates me, so why the hell is he trying to help me? “Why do you want me here? We both know you hate me for what I said.”
                He straightens and tilts his head. “It’s what you did, Amie.”
 “Whatever.” I reach for my bags again, but he closes his fingers around my wrist, and I yank my arm away. “Let me go.”
                “There she is.”
I never left,” I snap. He flinches, and I know it was a low blow. I was just as excited to get out of here as he was. We were going to start a life and travel, see the world. We even had a list of places we wanted to go. Adventures we wanted to take together; scuba diving, skydiving, driving a racecar. And I ruined it.
He knows me too well, and I’m becoming defensive because he’s pissing me off, hitting nerves that I’m in denial about.
Why are you with him?” he whispers.
 “Declan …”
                “Because I deserve him.” I sit on the floor, leaning against the kitchen chair. I don’t cry because I’ve accepted my fate, and along the way to discovering it, I’ve learned that tears don’t change a damn thing. 
 “Declan …”
                “Because I deserve him.” I sit on the floor, leaning against the kitchen chair. I don’t cry because I’ve accepted my fate, and along the way to discovering it, I’ve learned that tears don’t change a damn thing. 

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About the Author:
Anna began writing when she thought the world would want to hear her sick lyrics through song. Since then, she's realized her childhood dream wasn't so far-fetched, just misguided. Now she writes romance with real emotions and happy endings. If Anna isn't writing or reading, she can be found by a space heater drinking a ridiculous amount of Diet Dr Pepper. She also likes to hang out with her husband and two boys. If it wasn't for them, she wouldn't ever leave the house. Anna was born in Wisconsin but now lives in the Evergreen State.
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