Friday, November 20, 2015

Blog Tour - Elusive Love by K.A Robinson

Elusive Love
by K.A Robinson


If I had known Ethan would change my life so drastically, I never would've said a word to him.
I would have treated him the way I'd treated every other guy my friend Andrea dated - with polite coolness. After all, the guys would rarely stick around for long.
Once Andrea was finished with one, she would send him on his way, confused and thoroughly fucked. It was just how she was.
Instead, I'd spoken to Ethan. Every day, he'd join Andrea, Delilah, and me at our lunch table, and we'd joke with each other.
He was a sophomore, two years younger than the rest of us, but he fit in with our little group.
Over the three months that Andrea had kept him around, I had grown to consider him a friend. When she'd broken his heart two weeks before we graduated from high school, he'd stopped coming around.
Ethan and I would smile at each other in the halls whenever we passed, but that was it. With graduation coming up, I hadn't tried to keep our friendship intact. I hadn't seen the point. After graduation, there was little or no chance that we would see each other again.
On top of that, my boyfriend Joey, wasn't a fan of me hanging out with guy friends.
He wasn't rude about it, but he wouldn't hide the fact that it made him uncomfortable. I liked Ethan, but attempting to stay in contact with him wasn't worth the fight with Joey. 
So, for the next few years, I'd forgotten about Ethan. With the exception of a friend request that I'd sent him on Facebook, one that he'd approved, I'd had no contact with him at all.
Until one night.
Drunk and browsing through my News Feed, I had seen his name. On a whim, I'd messaged him. One simple message had set off a chain reaction that changed every single aspect of my future.

Nikki's 5 Star Review

This is the first book I have read by K.A Robinson and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Caley and Joey have been together since high school, over the last 5 years they got married and had a beautiful baby girl but things between them are anything but happy they have quite a volatile relationship and Caley is very depressed and down oh herself she feels scared she will be left alone if she leaves her husband she also wants her daughter to grow up in a united family.
Ethan is Caley's old school friend although they haven't spoken over the last few years, but one message is about to change all that.
I really felt for Caley whilst reading this book she had such a low opinion of herself which certainly wasn't helped by her husbands remarks but I loved how she became stronger and started to stand up for what she really wanted from life. 
A great read and I will be reading for books by this author.

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