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Title: Forever Ride (A Hellions Ride, #2)
Author: Chelsea Camaron
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: June 9, 2014
Events happen in life that can awaken our truest and deepest desires. They also show us our greatest fears. Sometimes we are forced to face those fears, other times we build walls that can't be broken to protect ourselves.

A profound connection these two once shared. A strong friendship once formed was shattered. Fate has stepped in and shaken both their worlds.

The danger, the wild, the chaos, and the lifestyle of the Hellions world has become far too much for Savannah 'Sass' Perchton. Swearing off bikers and attempting a 'normal' life, she has settled. She's committed to Nick, her country club, pretty boy. She's found a way to be content.

Things aren't always what they seem. Wrap an empty box in pretty paper and a bow, it may look amazing, but it's still a hollow shell.

He's a Hellions playboy. A different chick in his bed, off on a different ride, and always something new. He's Frank the 'Tank' Oleander, Haywood's Hellions Road Chief. Throttle down and life is good.

The fast pace of the Hellions life catches up to him. At a crossroads, he's forced to face some life changing thoughts or succumb to the darkness of death. Teetering on the brink of giving in, her voice is all he's holding onto. The coma he can't pull himself out of, but her voice is the light in the darkness. He wants the girl who pulled him through when his life was literally in the balance.

She's sworn off bikers. Can he pull through? Can she ever see past the lifestyle to the heart of the man behind the cut? Will they find their Forever Ride?  

Jennifer's 5 * Review
When I took a chance on an author that I had never heard of before and read One Ride, which is book 1 in this series I fell in love with the Hellions Motorcycle Club.  I have been waiting very impatiently even since then to get my hands on Tank and Sass’s story.  These two had so much chemistry in the few scenes that they had together in the first book that I just knew they were going to have an amazing story.  When I started reading Forever Ride I had no idea of what kind of emotional roller coaster ride I was about to go on.

Sass is a biker princess and is the daughter of the Hellions VP.  She has always lived the life of a biker princess.  She is sassy as hell and she doesn’t take any shit from anyone.  She has also loved Tank for as long as she can remember and he is also one of her best friends.  After a huge party one night they finally give into the attraction between them and hook up but the next morning Sass gets her heart broken.  Now that Sass is back from the ride that she and Doll were sent on to keep them safe while the club handled business she has decided to leave the biker life forever.  You can take the girl out of the biker world, but can you REALLY take the biker out of the girl???

Tank is Haywood Hellion’s Road Chief.  He is a biker through and through.  He knows that he should not touch Sass but when the attraction gets to strong he gives in and gives both of them exactly what they want, a night that neither one of them will ever forget.  The next morning Tank says some things to Sass that he shouldn’t have and it changes things between them.  While Sass is gone on a ride that was designed to keep her safe he begins to try and mend the broken bridges that are now between them.  However tragedy strikes when Tank gets shot while handling club business that will keep Sass all the Hellion women safe, and it changes his life forever.  Will he be able to get his woman back or is she really gone forever???

I am a complete junkie for motorcycle club books and this was one of the most emotional ones that I have ever read.  When I started reading this one I could not put it down.  I found myself laughing, crying, screaming, and going through most every emotion you can think of while I was reading this.  I am a huge fan of Chelsea Camaron for life.  I give this book 5 roaring stars and will be waiting VERY impatiently for the next one!!!!!!

Forever Ride (Hellions Ride, #2)

One Ride (The Hellions Ride, #1)
99¢ for the month on June ONLY!

About the Author
6980925 Chelsea Camaron was born and raised in Coastal North Carolina. She currently resides in Southern Louisiana with her husband and two children but her heart is always Carolina day dreaming. Chelsea always wanted to be a writer, but like most of us, let fear of the unknown grab a hold of her dream; she realized that if she was going to tell her daughter to go for her dreams, that it was time to follow her own advice. Chelsea grew up turning wrenches alongside her father, and from that grew her love for old muscle cars and Harley Davidson motorcycles, which just so happened to inspired her ‘Daddy’s Girls’ series. Her love for reading has sparked a new love for writing and she currently has a few more projects in the works. When she is not spending her days writing you can find her playing with her kids, attending car shows, going on motorcycle rides on the back of her husband’s Harley, snuggling down with her new favorite book or watching any movie that Vin Diesel might happen to be in. She hates being serious and is still a big kid at heart. She is a small town country girl enjoying life and, Chelsea hopes that her readers remember not to take life too seriously and to embrace your inner five year old, because five year olds know how to enjoy the simple things in life and how to always have fun.
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